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Charlotte Metro At A Glance

Are you searching for the ideal up and coming area to settle down? Perhaps you are looking for a quality investment opportunity? Whatever the need, Charlotte Metropolitan Area continues to draw in potential residents who appreciate pro sporting events, various prestigious industries and access to a highly rated educational system. Receiving acclaim as the third fastest growing major city in the U.S., Charlotte, North Carolina is attracting crowds of admirers and the nation is taking notice!

What’s the Appeal?

Charlotte North Carolina is ripe with a rich and royally interesting history. Literally. Since European settlers established Charlotte back in the 18th century, residents have enjoyed the historical significance and timeless appeal Charlotte has for the numerous tourists and locals. King George III’s reign stretched over oceans in the 1760s and so the newly founded hamlet became known as Charlotte in honor of the king’s wife Queen Charlotte.  The county Charlotte is situated is known as Mecklenburg, this name was chosen to honor Queen Charlotte’s place of birth in her home country Germany.

Dotting County Lines

Mecklenburg is attractive to middle aged adults. With the average resident ages being those in their early to mid-thirties, the attractions and economic growth offered by the Charlotte Metropolitan Area to potential residents is a powerful draw. While Mecklenburg is the county that Charlotte calls home, the Charlotte Metropolitan Area covers encompasses a much larger land mass. It’s a region that bridges state lines, with its ever popular footprint stamped on parts of South and North Carolina respectively. Charlotte Metropolitan Area is 22nd in size in the U.S and is a vital part of a 16 county marketing region. Below are some of the counties that play a large part in making the Charlotte Metropolitan Area the success it is today.

  • Mecklenburg
  • Alexander
  • Union
  • Chesterfield
  • York (SC)
  • Gaston

Name Dropping

So what does the Charlotte Metropolitan Area have to offer? Here are a few of the appealing aspects that make the Charlotte Metro Area worthy of a second, third and fourth glance:

#1 Home to Crowd-Pleasing Events

Known as the Coca-Cola Speed Street, this popular venue welcomes racing stars, famous musicians, and crowds in the hundreds of thousands every year. Great for foodies everywhere Taste of Charlotte allows the public in for free to sample a stunning buffet of delicious foods and drinks in the middle of June. If you are in the mood for something green the Charlotte Goes Green Festival lets you and/or your family experience Irish/Celtic culture at its finest through food, music, and entertainment after Charlotte’s famous St. Patrick’s Day parade. And if you are in the mood for a little sports and leisure, Charlotte is home to the NBA Hornets and NFL’s own Carolina Panthers.

#2 An Educational Alumni

As a home to the 17th largest public school system nationwide, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, North Carolina’s award winning district caters to the ever burgeoning population in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area. Whether in standout performances for having a top performing urban school system or in the 70,000 members of the largest community college in the Carolinas (Central Piedmont College) that attend each year, Charlotte shows education is a number one priority and an asset to the area.

#3  A Competitive Economy-

Third, only to New York City and Florida in terms of banking assets, Charlotte proves to be a big player in financial aplomb. Charlotte Metropolitan Area is home to six prestigious Fortune 500 companies. Also, housing offices belonging to the ever popular NASCAR,  a steady boom of drag racers and NASCAR enthusiasts bring their business and invest their hard earned dollars in Charlotte’s thriving economy. With top employers ranging from Wells Fargo to the Charlotte Mecklenburg schools, the job opportunities are endless.

Digging Deeper

The attractions, culture and historical value of Charlotte continues to influence and enrich the Charlotte Metropolitan Area community. Close to half of the population in the most populated county in North Carolina identifies as non-white. From the Mecklenburg Declaration in the 1770s declaring the tyrant king’s rule null and void to the marked influence a Charlotte dignitary made by ensuring the Civil Rights Reform was alive and well in the1960s, Charlotte has weaved the delicate threads of appreciation for their past, the importance of diversity and a sense of right in one seamless accomplishment.

Do you want to be entertained, educated and enjoy all the benefits a booming economy has to offer? Have you a desire to become a part of a community that strives to celebrate culture and a fulfilling history? The Charlotte Metropolitan Area is an opportunity rich region that many residents are pleased to call a forever home. It’s definitely worth another glance or five!

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