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Home Prices are Rising: Are We Creating Another Bubble?

It’s no secret; home prices all across the country are rising. This is certainly good news for sellers, but buyers now have to compete over the best houses on the market. Is it possible that another bubble is being created? We are just one decade removed from the biggest housing collapse we have seen in […]

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Reasons Why a Home is Not Being Shown a Lot

When you list your home for sale, there are several things you must do to ensure you get it sold. It all starts with hiring the right real estate agent and listening to their advice. If your home isn’t getting shown much, or at all, there could be a few key reasons why. Reason #1 […]

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What Happens if the Appraisal is Less than the Contract Price on a Home?

  It’s possible to put in an offer on a home and have the appraisal come in at less than the contract price. When this happens, if you’re not prepared, it can be a huge problem. Here are some of the ways to deal with the appraisal coming in at less than the agreed upon […]

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Top Mistakes First Time Sellers Make

Top Mistakes First Time Sellers Make When you’re going through the process of selling a home for the very first time, it can be both scary and exciting. As a first-time seller, you should be aware of some of the most common mistakes you want to avoid making. Not Getting a Home Inspection Yes, when […]

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Inconveniences of Selling and How to Deal with Them

When the time comes and you need to sell your home, the process can become overwhelming in a hurry. Not only do you need to hire a real estate agent, put your home on the market, find a buyer and close the deal, but you also have to pack up and move. Plenty of inconveniences […]

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How to Handle a Property Sale After a Divorce

Real estate transactions are not just about money. For most, buying and selling their home is a very emotional experience. When you add in the emotions of divorce, a property sale can become even harder. Here are a few tips to help you better handle a property sale after a divorce. Use a Real Estate […]

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Understanding Credit Scores and How the Impact Potential Home Buyers

  Your credit score will come into play in a huge way when you decide to buy a home. However, many potential home buyers really don’t understand the true impact it can have on the process. Let’s take a look at how your credit score will impact your home buying experience. Getting Pre-Approved for Your […]

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Moving? 10 Things to do Before you Pack

If you just bought a new home, it’s time to get prepared to move. You don’t want to be bogged down with the process of moving. Relieve some of that moving day stress by doing these ten things before you pack. #1 – Downsize/Minimalize Maybe you know you’ll be buying new furniture for the new […]

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Things Young Couples Need to Consider Before Buying a Property

Most young couples dream of owning a property of their own. Whether their plans include a starter home, a new construction home or a condo, it’s important to understand the buying process and what you’re getting into first. Here are a few things young couples should consider before they buy a property. What Type of […]

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Selling Seasons and how they Impact your Home’s Value

Selling Seasons and how they Impact your Home’s Value Many things impact the value of your home including the time of year you decide to put it on the market. If you sell during a selling season, you’re likely to sell for a higher price. Real estate agents call times when the market is favorable […]

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