Best Schools in Charlotte, North Carolina

Best Schools in Charlotte

Education Builds Communities

Quality education may be the determining factor regarding the success or sustainability of a community. Children that have access more opportunities available to them and the support they need to become valued members of their own neighborhood. That’s why it’s not surprising that of the numerous schools found in North Carolina some of the best schools Charlotte produces. A booming economy is facilitated by an esteemed and effective school district.

So what are some of the more prestigious educational systems in the area? How are they continuing to encourage growth and financial stability in their prospective areas? The future rests on the younger generation. Investing in their education is the catalyst to a brighter and more vibrant existence.

Only the Best Schools Charlotte has to Offer

Premium education systems are the bread and butter to desirable residential areas. Without a solid foundation based on educational stimuli, the more likely the quality of life suffers. Having the best schools Charlotte provides its resident families with the ability to discover endless possibilities, establish life skills and reach their goals without hesitation or fear. What does Charlotte have that another city may not claim? Impressive school rankings for starters!  First, here is a list of some of the highest ranked high schools in the Charlotte area:

  • Providence High School (Mecklenburg County)
  • Ardrey Kell High School (Mecklenburg County)
  • Myers Park High School Mecklenburg County)
  • Northwest School of the Arts (Mecklenburg County)
  • Marvin Ridge High School (Union County)

It takes a village to raise a child. Charlotte, North Carolinians agree and realize that a community that facilitates the improvement of the mind in little ones, breeds success. For those with younger children these elementary schools and their instructors do well to nourish and prepare young minds for a brighter more secure future:

  • Providence Spring Elementary School (Mecklenburg County)
  • Elon Park Elementary School (Mecklenburg County)
  • Rea View Elementary School (Union County)

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be a gut-wrenching experience. For middle school children, their minds need to be nurtured while they discover who they are and should be handled delicately. Below are some high ranking middle schools that have a monopoly on how to be successful at helping to guide children to a better understanding of themselves and their unique potential:

  • Jay M. Robinson Middle School (Mecklenburg County)
  • Piedmont IB Middle School (Mecklenburg County)
  • Metrolina Regional Scholars’ Academy (Mecklenburg County)

Chartering Success

Some of the best schools Charlotte has for potential students come in the form of charter. Here are a few the high ranking charter schools in the Charlotte area:

  • Lake Norman Charter School
  • Community School of Davidson
  • Pine Lake Preparatory School

Charter schools allow for smaller class sizes, student to teacher to ratios can mean all the difference. And high graduation rates are a plus as well!

Have you or a loved one after passing K-12 determined to pursue further education? Why not in Charlotte? There is gold at the end of the grade school rainbow. Independence, accountability and exciting challenges in higher education help studious students thrive and keep adventure seekers begging for more. No matter if a college or a university is on your itinerary offering the best schools Charlotte includes an upper echelon of variety to stir your intellectual prowess. Here are a few further education establishments that make higher education a lot less frightening and a heap more helpful:

  • Central Piedmont Community College (Mecklenburg County)
  • King’s College (Mecklenburg County)
  • Johnson & Wales University Charlotte (Mecklenburg County)
  • Queens University of Charlotte (Mecklenburg County)
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte  (Mecklenburg County)

For residents who prefer to take advantage of higher education facilities just a little bit outside of the Charlotte Metropolitan area, two other great options attract applicant hopefuls. Home of the Blue Devils, the private research university known as Duke University is a global hub of education. With a China campus and programs from Peru to Russia, the power of quality education crosses oceans to benefit people from across the world.

Ranked 33rd worldwide in academics, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is another ideal option for those who want to attain their dreams of a solid future, but may want to look outside of the historical city of Charlotte. In its own right, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has made its unique mark on history. Enrolling students since the late 18th century, UNC offers degrees from media & journalism to social work. Do you want to be beneficial to others and yourself? This university understands what it means to be an honored and contributing member of society. And they train you for the mission!

The variety and scope of educational institutions are endless! The educational system is the very foundation of a successful economy and a quality community. Whatever your need or want Charlotte addresses it and surpasses!

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